Finding Your Own Inner Strength

It’s easy to give sound advice to others. It’s also easy to be a positive energy to someone going through a storm. But what happens when it’s you going through the storm? The very messages that you find yourself giving to others are the exact same messages you can’t seem to hear. No, it’s not that you don’t believe what you are saying, it’s simply that you are blocked.

You are so focused on all the things that could go wrong until you are literally drowning in despair. So how do you find the “Life Jacket?” You focus on what makes you happy. You remember where you are and how far you’ve come in your journey. You begin looking at things from a more practical way. Practical doesn’t mean that you no longer feel or connect with your emotions. It just means that you are putting them in check in order to see things clearly.

You will find that when you’ve found the balance, things start to fall into place. Over thinking begins to disappear and your focus is taking care of you. Those things that once brought about heavy burdens and stress no longer matter. You start cutting away at those people and things that no longer serve you. You learn that you do have power to overcome fears and anxiety. You no longer feel bound or confined and you start to learn yourself. You start to realize the power within you and remember that you hold the keys to your own happiness and success.

Depending on your beliefs, you finally recognize you’ve been guided all along by a Higher Power or Being.

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