The Focus Was On You

The focus was on you, I put a lot of effort on you even when I wasn’t quite finished with the last. I reacted to the actions shown by you and dove head first into a situation that wasn’t clear. I understand now what it truly means to go slow and let things happen naturally. Fighting against my own convictions and not willing to see the restrictions, I still put my focus on you.

No, there were no “Red Flags” but there were a few “Yield Signs.” Destiny is calling but the question is, will we heed the call or fight against that too? Wanting something so bad and knowing its right in front of you yet, it still seems so far away. At times it felt as if it was slowly slipping away. Then all of a sudden, the tower comes and throws everyone out!

The feeling of loss because someone gave up simply because things weren’t moving fast enough. The very one saying, “Things take time” is the very one who runs away leaving the other in a daze. Who will let their guard down first? Who will decide to communicate first? Who will open up and decide it’s either now or never? All those questions but yet no one is moving.

An opportunity for what two people truly desire may just slip right through the cracks. So much focus put on you and the return was to say, “I’m not looking or focused on a relationship right now.” Or, “I will explain it all later, then you will understand.” Question is, why were the actions there that said different? If you weren’t ready, then why allow yourself to move in the direction that said you were?

My attention and focus was moved from “Me” to an “Us” instantly. Now there is silence a deafening silence and void. Not sure if this is something really worth fighting for anymore. Not wanting to deal with anyone or even want to return simply because it doesn’t feel good to be burned.

The focus is no longer on you anymore, the focus is back on “Me.” Choosing to remain strong and focus on my independence is what I want and desire. Can’t wait around for indecisive situations. I’m after building a firm foundation. My door is always open and my company is always light. But my FOCUS remains on “Me” and what I feel is right.

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