Don’t Hold Back

Why do you hold back? Why do you fight what feels so right? Why are you trying to push away the very thing you say you want?

Time is never given to any man only opportunities and chance. Ever heard of taking a leap of faith? Or better yet the little phrase kids used to say, “If you jump, I’ll jump.”

Matters of the heart should never be so complexed or filled with doubt and fear. Whatever happened to living in the moment and allowing fate and nature do the rest?

Now a days people have become so cold and walled up almost fridged that they miss what’s literally staring them right in the eyes. Oh won’t you please just open your heart once again and feel the warmth of the sun on the inside?

Allow the rain to kiss and wash away all that fear that lies within. Sometimes things do seem, “to good to be true.” One thing is for sure, when two matching souls are intertwined, there’s no way to deny the passion and fire that ignites inside.

The more you try to put that flame out, the bigger and hotter it becomes. Recognize what you truly deserve and should receive. Everything you’ve ever wanted is slowly finding its way in. Don’t fight against the currents, instead enjoy and ride the wave.

Your life is getting ready to change in more ways than one. This a journey but one you will never regret. Make memories after memories until the end of time.

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