The Third Party

Dealing in a “Third Party” situation can be detrimental to a positive outcome. I, didn’t quite understand it at first but hey, I’ve got it now.
To understand “Third Party,” is to know it doesn’t always mean to physically cheat. It can mean to try and sneak away from something. To cheat the death of a situation by being unwilling to address the situation. Everyone knows, you cannot cheat death, it’s inevitable.
From where I sit, it’s all about the energies, habits and mindsets that exist. There are major players involved but it’s more about the energy and the souls. To explain, there are different types of Karmic situations all in different phases. Each soul learning from the other but of course, one may not realize they are learning or better yet not willing to learn. Some souls are open to change while others choose to remain the same.
I came across a soul that has the most amazing gifts. Their gifts are so deep and profound, kind of eerie even. This took me through some hard realizations but definitely worth the lessons learned. How might you ask does this make sense? Well it kind of works like this.
Two souls find one another in the midst of their own personal turmoil. Neither one of them had intentions on coming together. Both going through major life changes trying to find themselves and working on releasing negative ties that bind, “Third Parties.” Those souls intertwine and something unlocks which opens up a flood of unexpected emotions that were once buried and hidden from the world. It feels good, it’s refreshing, it’s fiery, it’s passionate, and it’s fast and even addictive. So what’s so wrong with that!?! Everything imaginable, it’s faulty, it’s not stable, there’s room for error and it’s going to crumble.
The fact is there is unfinished business that has yet to be addressed. It can’t be ignored nor will it just go away. There are other soul ties and negative energies that must be released. There are deep wounds of the past that must be dealt with and healed. There are addictions, to what degree no one truly knows but must be controlled.
The soul has to be willing to face what is uncomfortable in order to receive what the universe has to offer. This is what is known as, “The dark night of the soul,” those secrets that have never been told. The soul is willing to go down a “Rabbit Hole.” Releasing that thing that feels so right, no longer holding on so tight. Now this doesn’t mean those souls will come back together. It just means that they see what could be and decide to put in the work for the betterment of their life.
Whatever that looks like for your situation, you fill in the blank. Either way it’s sliced, the “Third Parties” have to go. Imagine yourself in the “Matrix.” Do you take the BLUE PILL or the RED PILL? One will leave you just as you are and the other will open up a world that you have never seen or could ever imagine. I can’t tell you which to choose, as for me, I chose the RED PILL.

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