Things I May Not Know

There are many things I didn’t know about you. I never knew what really turned you on or what turned you off. I never knew what made you happy or what made you sad. I never knew what excited you or what dampened your excitement. What I did know is that I saw the light in your eyes whenever we came together. I heard the happiness in your voice whenever we spoke on the phone. I felt the electricity between us whenever we made love. By the way, it turned me me on to see your eyes roll in the back of your head. I know you fight demons but those demons kept their distance whenever we were together. They knew I was around so they dare not bother. I know that you made a change when you felt real love for the first time. There was a pep in your step and your heart was lighter. I know you walked away simply because you got frightened. Real women like me do exist. It takes a “Real” man not to resist. We know how to let a man be a King and run his kingdom. We don’t step in the way of his individual freedom. We don’t place judgement on his past, we show him a true love that’s destined to last. We defend his honor and never back down. We do all of these things because he’s out shined all the other clowns. The return is something no one will ever understand or better yet comprehend. I may not know everything about you but one thing is for sure, I brought a quiet to your storm. I brought a calm to your seas. I touched a place that other women can’t conceive. My question now is,”Who’s your “REAL” Queen?

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